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What Senshi stands for

Senshi brings you a whole bunch of new jewelry pieces. Unique and gorgeous just the way you like it.

New Arrivals

Life is filled with celebrations and happy moments. Be it your weekend party or a weekday gala. Senshi has the best pieces to accompany your celebration. Choose your favorite piece and we will continue to bring you more each time you begin planning for your next celebration. 

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With fashion, less is more and less is beautiful. Being a minimalist is a life choice and is about finding happiness in one or two pieces of sparkle. Going to the workplace with a minimalist style always places you in a special zone of fashion. Not everyone can go minimalist and do it right. But we know you can and we are here for you.

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  • Strength woman jewelry


    Senshi is a warrior in Japanese. And we seek and enhance the strength and pride of a warrior in every woman.

  • Confidence woman jewelry fashion


    The confidence to wear your choice of outfits and jewelry with the scars of the battles you won. You being here today is testament to victories and learning. There are no battles lost ever.

  • Freedom woman fashion jewelry


    The freedom to make your choices, the freedom to depend on a friend, the freedom to be you. That is Senshi!