3 earrings to own

3 earrings to own

We all love jewelry and beautiful earrings are always special. We enjoy collecting trinkets but we end up struggling when we need to get dressed. Let's choose 3 earrings we need to keep safe so we are always ready to step out in style. 

Tassels forever

Tassel earrings go with everything. Be it a shirt, a V-neck tshirt or a dress, they all work with the tassel earrings. You can choose either the colourful ones or the simple gold ones that bring the extra style to your look 

Tassel earrings are a must in your cupboard and the more you collect them, the better your collection and choices become when you need them. 


Black earrings

It's true. One good pair of black earrings really work wonders. Wear them with a colourful dress or even a single coloured outfit. A pair of black earrings stand out and give your outfit the much needed additional dimension. 

Black earrings also bring out your eyes, irrespective of your eye colour. If you have black eyes, they match and make a great pair around your face. If your eye colour is blue, green, grey or brown, the black stands out due to the colour difference which is noticed well. 


Heart earrings

Heart earrings bring a feminine look to your outfit. They add a shimmer you can never imagine without them. They bring a girlie side of you even if you don't try hard. How about you try them out with your regular jeans and tshirt or even your sundress and give yourself a sweet look?



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