5 Summer Jewelry to Own

5 Summer Jewelry to Own

It's summer and it's time to look your loveliest self with statement jewelry that will make you stand out.  

1. Multilayer necklace

Any simple dress can be transformed into a dressy afternoon look, with a multilayer pearl necklace. A little bit of eyeliner, a lip gloss or lip balm, an orange or coral blush and flowing hair with your favorite summer dress. 


2. Delicate pearl pendant 

A gentle breezy afternoon gets better with a sweet looking pearl pendant with a delicate chain along with it. You can pose for your selfies with a few fingers on the chain to make you look even more lovely. Of course, add this over a gentle looking summer dress or a pastel colour top with a skirt or shorts. 


 3. Peal earrings 

Pearl is the heart of the sea and the love on your ears is what is needed for a lunch date with girlfriends. 



 4. Snake bracelet

An empty hand always craves a beautiful bracelet. An alloy brass bracelet can elevate your summer outfit without even trying. 


5. Lion belt

Make you statement with a roaring belt on your dress, shorts, long shirts, long t-shirts, it's your choice. You are limited only by your decisions and it's a season to make you statement and make your mark. Don't forget to wear a smile. 




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