Being your own Fashion Cheerleader

Being your own Fashion Cheerleader

We all want that extra like, and another comment on our posts. Specially of those that we worked so hard to pose in. Why do we lose hope and feel dejected if we don't get the likes and comments? After all, we do claim the dressing up, the posing and the selfies are all for ourselves.

If that is the case, should we not be content with the outcome of our efforts? 

Evidently that isn't the case and most of us do feel a bit of disappointment if a friend did not say we looked nice. How can we change this?

Unlimited options!

Looking into the design world, there are infinite number of designs out there. Be it in dress designs, patterns, jewelry, hairstyles and so much more. We have a wonderful range of options. If we do not like an outfit, we can always buy another one. Then why do we still feel sad? 

Being our own Fashion Cheerleader!

What we are missing is being our own cheerleader. We wake up each morning with a smile on our face, because we get to do something interesting or new. Office may not be as exciting as we want it to be everyday, but we can be positive and look at the bright side of everything. 

The solution to not feeling bad for not being complimented is, looking at the mirror each morning and smiling at ourselves. Enjoying how wonderful we are to ourselves, and being proud of who we are. Just like how we brush our teeth everyday, this becomes a habit as well.

Giving up on ourselves because someone else did not comment is never going to lead to happiness. They might simply be in a bad mood, or they did not see your post. It's heavy to place such expectations on someone else when we can very well make ourselves happy. 

 The 3 steps to happiness!

Step 1: Get dressed, the way you want 

Step 2: Stand in front of the mirror as often as possible

Step 3: Smile, and tell yourself how wonderful you look and how unique you are

Try it and tell me about it! I just smiled at my own reflection, in the most self loving way. :) 


PS: The earring in the picture is from Senshi, called the Hollow Hearts 

The bracelet is yet to be launch. So this is definitely a sneak peek for you :) 

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