Deepika Padukone style earring long stones

Deepika Padukone Earrings Styling

Deepika Padukone is a style icon of this century. She is almost never dressed boring, and is constantly trying out new things. One of the things we love is any and all of Deepika Padukone's long earrings that she wears. 

Here she looks sleek in a long black dress with side crisscross ties. Be it earrings, be it bracelets, or be it necklaces, all of them look heavenly on her. 

Deepika Padukone black dress long stone gold earring

To pull off her look, you need not find the exact same dress. You can wear any long black dress, preferably in satin, wear your best black heels - please avoid block heels. And, tie up your hair in a neat bun. To complete the look, add the long-ings earrings with it. 

Deepika Padukone black satin dress long earrings gold and stone

Are you still looking for more tips? Here you go. 

Some bonus tips:

- Walk talk, keep you back straight and look straight

- Smile. This will make you stand out and always look your best 

- Eye contact. Only with those you want. You don't want to attract crazy people who stalk you. 

- Do your nails. Well kept nails are gorgeous. They don't always need to be long and painted. They can be short and neat. It's the neatness that creates the beauty. 

- Shoes. Wear clean shoes, and throw away any shoes that is torn or looks old and worn out. Unless you want to take it to a cobbler and mend it. 

- Toe nails. This is something many of us forget. The nails on our toes. They need love and care too. Again, you don't need to add nail polish if you don't like to, nor do you need to grow it long. Keep it short and clean if you like. But keep them clean and neat. They will make you look well put together. 

So, why not try this out at your next date or evening out? Now you see, a simple gorgeous pair of earrings can change your look completely. 

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