Learn to get excited about the Met Gala

Learn to get excited about the Met Gala

Met Gala began in 1948, where celebrities wear exquisite jewelry, sparking earrings, one of a kind necklaces and absolutely gorgeous looks. It is an evening for fashion revolution from designers across the world. They design looks based on the theme provided by the gala and celebrities enjoy shining in these designs. 

Why is Met Gala important to you?

A lot of memes are created around this gala every year. For most of us it is a couple of days to smirk, giggle and laugh at these memes and absolutely enjoy the humour the evening's outfits carry. Let's look at it from a different angle. When we watch the Olympics, we enjoy the sports, the competition, their outfits, the speed, the skills and our country going up in the ranks. 

At the Met Gala, designers from across the world, including India, unleash their creativity. None of these outfits are meant to be worn by you or me for evening drinks with out girlfriends. It's taking design to a new level, and not holding back on creativity. If you are still not convinced, try the below steps.

How to enjoy the Outfits at Met Gala?

Step 1: Pick a dress from any below. Look for 3 things in each outfit you like - colour, jewelry, pattern. If you like these, give each 5 points. 

 Kim Kardashian Met Gala Fashion Outfit

Step 2: Now look at 3 more things - fitting, hairstyle (if it goes with the overall outfit), shoes. If you like them too, give them 5 points each. 

Met gala dresses

Step 3: Now that you are at step 3, let's make this more interesting. Look at the celebrity who is wearing it and also look at their makeup. Does the overall outfit bring out their personality, or does it bring out a new personality? If it is a new personality - do you like that the celebrity is being different? If it is the same, are you bored? Give each another 5 points. We are at 45 points, if you liked different factors in each step. 

Step 4: Think of the theme and see how well the outfit fits it. Give this 5 points.

This year's theme is In America - An Anthology of Fashion and the dress code is Gilded Glamour and White Tie.  

We are at 50 points now. And you now know how to look beyond the humour of the outfits. To see the effort and creativity that goes into the outfits. Also, the guts and openness of the celebrities to push their own fashion boundaries. 

Tell us what you think! 

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