Fashion is life changing

Fashion is life changing

Fashion has been around for years and will stay with us for another century, or until Earth is taken over by aliens. It's not something we can ignore and it's not something we need to cry over. Fashion is about you and once you embrace it, it can change your life.

A selfie is your runway moment 

Have you ever thought who all see your selfie on social media when you click one? It may be your friends, family and people connected to them on social media. You may have clicked it because you liked how your hair looked or wore new jewelry or clothes and wanted to remember it forever. 

The moment you feel good about yourself thanks to your fashion choices, that is your runway moment. You are your own model, your own photographer, your very own stylist and of course, you are one of the audience. 

Change your life with fashion

Be it an old pair of jeans with new earrings or a belt, or matching bracelet, life changes when you step into them. They add immense amount of confidence and a smile on your face that is of self satisfaction. It is a sense of pride, an elevation of your self love and the ego patting you on the back for giving yourself the time and space to dress up.

We don't need to lose time and work hard to look fashionable. As I always say, your fashion is in your cupboard and you just need to love it. 

Everyday when you wake up, walk to the mirror and choose a colour for the day. Pick out an outfit of the chosen colour and style it with some accessories. Always take a selfie for yourself and look back at it a year or two later. It always brings a smile to your face specially during hard time. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing in life. It fills you up with love, patience and happiness which you can then distribute to others and spread the joy. 

Can you imagine, the love and joy your spread around is because of a sweet looking belt or earrings. It's so small yet so significant. Fashion is more than good clothes and accessories, it's a feeling, an emotion and a form of self expression. 

We are waiting to hear you speak!   

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