dangle earrings for women

Finding the right dangle earrings for women

Wearing jewelry is such a fun time of dressing up. We always want to highlight our favorite jewelry that we wear, be it dangle earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets or any other piece that we bought with great love. 

There are many dangle earrings that you can choose from. It can be a simple one, a heavy one, a colourful one or one filled with stones. They all look good when worn with the right outfit. 

How do you choose the right dangle earring? 

The tassel magic

Multiple dangles are better than 1. Tassels add some much beauty to your look. If it's made of gold or is gold palted, it also adds a shine to your outfit. If you like solid colours for your outfit, a simple tassel earring will add magic. This tassel 2 in 1 earring can be worn without the tassel too. If you want to change the evening look into a day look all you need to do is to remove the tassels from the back and wear it as a stud that gives a minimalist look. 

dangle earring for women tassel earring

The Bella for a Bella

We love to add as much glow as possible in the dangle earrings we bring to you. How beautiful is it to keep the magic alive with a pair of earrings. Bella is Senshi's most popular earrings and has been sold out twice and restocked for those who missed out on the earrings. Sometimes you want the most unique jewelry for your collection and coming to Senshi is a great idea. We keep some of the most unique yet contemporary designs for you. 

dangle earrings bella senshi jewelry

Big crystal and tassel 

Let's add some extra love to the tassels with a large and shiny crystal. The crystal catches light and spreads love to your look. Every piece of jewelry we have comes with the additional love that helps you make a statement with them and your chosen outfit. We love jewerly just as much as you do and we love to see you look your best in them. 

tassel and crystal earring for women

Oh the love for crystals and tassels

We love both crystals and tassels and we have brough together some of our favorite pieces for your to enjoy. The special feeling when wearing jewelry of your choice is indescribable and the joy is always visible on the face. Multi colour crystals and tassels are made for the joy that you deserve. 

crystals and tassels dangle earring for women

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