How to be a Fashion Icon!

How to be a Fashion Icon!

Let's look at the women who were right on top of the fashion icon game. Picking only a few because there were so many and let's start here. 

Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, closer to home Gayatri Devi, Indira Gandhi, and today's Radhikaraje Gaikwad and so many. What makes them so special and how can we be closer to what they were and are than our regular days? 


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More than anything, what we need is confidence. Even if we don't like our hair on a particular day or our earrings, or lipstick, we need to be confident. Nothing beats a confident woman other than her own low self esteem. There is no reason for a woman to feel small and unimportant. We have been trained by patriarchy to feel significant only when a man tells us. As a woman I tell you, you are important and your confidence is what matters to you and everyone around you. 

Experiment for your own style 

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Do you like wearing a kurta over your jeans? Do it! Do you like matching your shoes to all your clothes or not matching them? Do it! Do you like long or large earrings or small and tiny necklaces? Just buy them and wear them. You live only once and only you can make yourself happy. So when you wear what you want and love it, that's how you find your own style. Being unique is by being yourself, not being a rebel and not wearing what everyone else is. If you like wearing what your friend is wearing, go out and buy it borrow it from her. Nothing makes a woman more happy than being herself. 

Don't apologise for being you

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If you start to apologise all the time for everything you love, you will never love yourself. Love yourself first, and then find what else you love. When there is love, there is self care and there is the smile on your face like never before. Be yourself every single day, and tell the world who you are. This is the third secret sauce to be a timeless icon. If you keep copying someone else, how and when will you be unique and remembered for you!

Well groomed clothes

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This does not mean the fashionable outfits need to be fitting, they can be loose, styled the way you want. But make sure they are clean, ironed if need be, and not worn out. Keep your clothes stored well, put away stained clothes and wear your favorite blazer over your long skirt if you want, or mix patterns the way you, want let them be beautiful and lovely. 

The most important: Your Smile

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No matter what you wear, don't forget to smile! A happy woman is the best woman in the world. She is the most confident, smart, beautiful and simply the most amazing one ever. 

Are you smiling now? 

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