How to choose the right earrings for your outfit

How to choose the right earrings for your outfit

The very first rule before the list of rules, is to choose a pair of earrings you like. This is the very basic requirement. The more you love a pair of earrings, the more you enjoy it being on your earrings.

Here are the top rules to ensure your earrings go well with your outfits. 

Rule 1: Small earrings

Wearing small earrings with floral and feminine dresses balances them out. This keeps the earrings as a part of the overall outfit without standing out. Also, if you want to make your outfit standout you can use small earrings to keep the ears from being bare and dull. 

Blake lively earrings fashion jewelry  

Rule 2: Colour blocking 

This is a fun way of wearing earrings with your outfit. The earrings should be of a colour that is not the same as the outfits. This way you are creating a look. The earrings and the outfit come together and create a wonderful style by you. 

Blake lively earrings fashion style

Rule 3: Statement earrings

If you have a wonderful pair of earrings that you want to wear and make them stand out, you need to wear it with a subtle or muted outfit. This way the statement earrings do stand out and definitely make a statement. 

Big earrings fashion jewelry

Rule 4: Same coloured earrings 

Wearing the same coloured earrings of your dress is a great way to go. You keep your overall look of the same colour, but we would suggest you cut the monochrome look with something - a watch, shoes, ring, hair etc. It helps from looking safe and that you do not like to experiment. 

 Blake lively earrings fashion jewelry


PS: the images have been borrowed from various sources. We thank them all for their support and understanding. 

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