How to store fashion jewelry

How to store fashion jewelry

We love fashion jewelry and absolutely enjoy buying new pieces every now and then. But what we frequently struggle is to keep the fashion jewelry from tarnishing. We can't wear them all the time, nor can we let it get wet or sweat with it on us. What can be done to keep them from tarnishing? 

Rule 1: Wipe the jewelry before storing 

Satin cloth for jewelry

Always, always wipe your jewelry once you have worn them. Use a microfiber cloth, or use a satin cloth to wipe it. Do not use water or any other liquid. Just let the close absorb the moisture on the piece of jewelry and leave it dry and ready to store. 

Rule 2: Store in a dark place 

Fashion jewelry storage

The fashion jewelry needs to be stored in a dark place. It needs to be in your cupboard and not left outside for the sun to fade it. The better you pack it, the longer it stays tarnish free and shines for you.

Rule 3: Store inside Cotton

Store fashion jewelry in cotton 

Always store your fashion jewelry in a piece of cotton. It can be the cotton page you use to wipe your makeup, or just a cotton ball that you open up. Keep the piece of jewelry in it, depending on the size, and place it in side a box before storing it in the cupboard. 

Rule 4: Store in a box

Fashion Jewelry storage box

If you do not want to use cotton, you can buy one of the good jewelry boxes, which has a suede layer inside that keep the jewelry in one place and prevents it from getting scratched. The box will keep the light out, and ensure your fashion jewelry does not lose its sheen. 

It is always possible for fashion jewelry to lose its colour. Storage tips really help if you follow them properly. You should also try to apply a layer of jewelry protection layer on the fashion jewelry to avoid tarnishing. If you cannot find the right solution, you can always use transparent nail polish to keep your jewelry from tarnishing. It also protects your skin from the metal used in the jewelry. 



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