How to wear necklaces with dresses

How to wear necklaces with dresses

We all love wearing pretty outfits. How best to make them look even better but with the perfect jewelry. The most common question that we hear is about how to wear necklaces with dresses. 

Here are some wonderful yet simple ways for your to make you style statement dream come true. 

Gold works like magic

gold plated jewelry

A lot of clothes look good with a ting of gold plated jewelry. You simply need to wear what your enjoy the most without going overboard. If you see the image we have here. The model is wearing a single bracelet, a ring and a pair of tassel earrings. Just 3 pieces of gold plated jewelry and it makes her outfit complete. Without these pieces, the dress will look incomplete and missing some magic that only jewelry can bring for you.


pearl earring

A single piece of pearl jewelry can add class and elegance to any outfit of yours. In this picture the beautiful model is wearing a regular white shirt and she chose to style it with a pearl and gold earring. You can see only one earring in the picture but it takes most of your attention when you look at the picture. It is very hard to miss the pearl earring and it adds so much beauty and sparkle to the overall picture. 

Choosing less

choose minimal

You can look out of the world with choosing lesser number of jewelry pieces but standing out with it. If you enjoy dressing up, wear a lovely day dress and wear a single bracelet on your hand. You can choose to wear light earrings or miss that and use your hair to cover your ears. Simplicity helps beauty. Add that little touch of jewelry and make your cutest dress look the best ever. 

Wear it different

pearl jewelry

Pearl is always a great choice to dress up. The model has used a pearl belt as a shoulder strap for her off shoulder shirt. To match it, she is wearing a pearl ring. She has no pearl earrings and it does not take away the attention from her overall amazing look. She looks wonderful, perfect and gorgeous. 


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