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Jewelry mistakes to avoid

Wearing jewelry makes us happy. But sometimes wearing the wrong jewelry or overdoing it can make us look like we don't know what we are doing. Imagine wearing a large pair of earrings with an outfit with loud prints. Neither of them will stand out and nor will it look stylish. Let us help you with 3 simple tips to remember. 

1. Wear a well kept pair of earrings and necklace 

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It's important to keep your jewelry safely and store it well. A pair of earrings that has lost it sheen and colour cannot offer you any beauty. Always keep your jewelry stored in an airtight box with cotton. This applies to all kinds of jewelry - gold, platinum, silver, brass, plated jewelry, imitation jewelry etc. We need to understand that any form of moisture can alter the metal used in the jewelry. If we notice even our gold jewelry looks different with time. So even with imitation jewelry, the moisture in the air, our sweat, perfume, deo, water etc. can cause tarnishing. Of course this can be fixed be recoloring the jewelry. But it's better to keep it safe and stored well. 

2. Style your hair well to show the earrings and necklace 

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A nice pair or earrings or a lovely necklace will look fabulous on you if you pair them well.

- If the earrings are small and you need them to be visible, you need to push your hair behind your earrings. 

- If the earrings are large and you only want them to be seen when you move around then let your hair down. It will play hide and seek with the viewer. 

- If you have a large necklace, wear it with either a high neck outfit or a low neck outfit. Anything in between will cut off the necklace and not allow it to take centre stage. 

- If you have a delicate necklace, wear it with a low neck outfit. It will shine and glitter when you move around and look wonderful on you. 

3. Either wear big earrings or a big necklace, not both 

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A wise choice is to either wear a large pair of earrings, or a large statement necklace. Wearing both divides the attention between both and neither one stands out. It also dulls the overall look and gains the label of overdressed, or someone who isn't well verse with fashion. 

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