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How to wear Neon - clothing, jewelry, and nails

Be it jewelry, be it clothing or even nails, neon is in. How many pieces of clothing do you own from the last time neon was in? 2? 5? None? It's time you buy one. 

Let's start with the simple one. Clothing. 

Here is a question. Who is the most famous person to wear the neon coloured clothing with class and elegance like none other. 

Neon clothing queen jewelry

Yes! The Queen herself. She is quite experimentative with colours. Can't under estimate her at all. 

Two pieces of Neon: 

Co ord clothing fashion

You can never go wrong with a co-ord. Sport clothing are a great way to start experimenting and see if you like it on you. 

Neon coords dress outfit

If you think it's your thing, go a bit ahead and wear a party style outfit. Coords are easy to carry off and less stressful when it comes to styling it. 

One piece of Neon: 

neon top fashion jewelry clothing

You can colour block one piece of neon with a combo of a different coloured top or bottom. Clothing and jewelry need to sync in, that's when they look good. 

Neon bottom clothing fashion

Multi pieces of neon:

How would you style if you have different pieces of neon and wanted to take it to the edge a bit? 

neon blake lively fashion clothing jewelry

Look at the gorgeous Blake Lively in an all neon outfit. What keeps the look from going over the top are the earrings and her shoes. It adds an extra colour to her look without crushing the beauty of the outfit. Smart isn't it? 

Neon fashion clothing nails earrings

Here is another example, from Met Gala 2022. Since long nails and neon colour is back in style, feel free to take inspiration from this image and enjoy some neon in your life! 


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