Our picks from the Met Gala

Our picks from the Met Gala

Last night was the famous Met Gala in New York. Some fabulous outfits, some okay and some outlandish but still made the list of top outfits. Not just the outfits, the earrings, necklaces, other body jewelry and the fabulousness of fashion. 

Image may contain Dakota Johnson Human Person Fashion Clothing Apparel Nie Yuan Premiere and Red Carpet

Here's Dakota Johnson in a sheer jumpsuit from Gucci. We love her beady tassels and the details on the jumpsuit. Her earrings go well with the outfit and doesn't stand out and take away the attention from the outfit. 


Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Fashion Kendall Jenner Dress Suit Coat Overcoat Footwear and Shoe

The very beautiful, Kendall Jenner in a Prada two piece gown. The tricky top keeps you guessing if it is completely sheer while the beautiful and classy bottom half keeps the outfit balanced. She worn tiny earrings to keep the look classy and lovely. 

Image may contain Brooklyn Beckham Nicola Peltz Human Person Footwear Clothing Shoe Apparel Suit Coat and Overcoat

The brand new Beckham couple in Valentino. Her bring pink is warm and gives the event a much needed brightness. She went for a Bedford wife look and keep it less experimental yet looks lovely. The hardly seen hoop earrings and lack of a necklace keep her simple. 

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Fashion Gown Robe Wedding Wedding Gown and Kylie Jenner

It's hard to criticize a designer whose design has been worn posthumously by the gorgeous Kylie Jenner. Kylie worn a outfit from Virgil. The top half could have been fitted better. While the objective is to give it a tshirt and a baseball bride look, the outfit does not flatter Kylie in any way. The white dulls her face, the lack of jewelry on her arms makes her look like she stepped out of a party and doesn't plan to return. The earrings is hardly seen and doesn't add much to the outfit. 

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Evening Dress, Fashion, Gown, Robe, Human, Person, and Ilfenesh Hadera

Kim always does it right! In her Mariyln Monroe outfit, with blonde hair and the pouting, she nailed the evening. The glitter and the colour makes her skin glow too. And the earrings completes her look. 

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Costume Fashion Human Person and Stage

Schiaparelli's couture is here! After a fabulous runway show earlier this year, here is the gorgeous outfit right off the ramp. No flaws here to mention!

Image may contain Shalom Harlow Human Person Clothing Apparel Fashion Evening Dress Gown Robe and Premiere

What is better than one train on a dress? Two! Ralph Lauren, red and black, bow, and two trains. Oh how perfect! Don't miss the Tiffany's style gloves!

Sarah Jessica Parker Met Gala dress jewelry

And just like that, we had SJP at the Met Gala with a hint of fuchsia. The colours on her outfit compliments her figure. She loves veils and we love this one. 

Blake lively jewelry outfit met gala

This moment has our heart! Blake Lively in a Versace blew Ryan Reynolds' mind! She did a quick dress change on the red carpet, well semi change. Her assistants peeled off the top layer of the dress to reveal an even better looking outfit below. Don't miss her stunning earrings too! 

Last but the most important for us. Natasha Poonawala in Sabyasachi on the Met Gala red carpet. A proud moment for us! 

natasha poonawalla, met gala 2022, schiaparelli, sabyasachi

The sari is by Sabyasachi while her bustier is by our favorite Schiaparelli. A similar one was seen on Chiara Ferragni. The jewelry has some exquisite bangles, earrings and a hair accessory from Sabyasachi.   

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