Summer Jewelry for Staying Cool and Glam

Summer Jewelry for Staying Cool and Glam

Summer is a great time to show off your jewelry collection and add some glam to your outfits. But will the jewelry make your sweat or keep you cool? Here are some ideas for jewelry pieces that can add a touch of summer to your look and keep you from wanting to remove your jewelry:

  • Statement Earrings: Big, bold and colorful earrings are perfect for summer. They can instantly brighten up any outfit and add a pop of color to your face. You can go for tassel earrings, beaded earrings, or even earrings with shell or floral motifs.

statement earrings

  • Layered Necklaces: Layering necklaces is a popular trend and it’s perfect for summer. You can mix and match different styles and lengths of necklaces to create a unique look. Try layering delicate chains with pendants or chokers with longer chains. Senshi's layered necklaces give you the glam you need and allows you to keep your neck cool.

layered necklace with coins

  • Stackable Bracelets: Stackable bracelets are a great way to add some color and texture to your wrist. You can mix and match different bracelets such as beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, or wear Senshi's serpent bracelet and gives you breathing space. 

serpent bracelet

  • Statement Rings: Statement rings are a great way to add some glam to your hands. You can choose from oversized rings, rings with colorful stones, or even rings with animal or floral motifs.

pearl statement ring

Remember, the key to summer jewelry is to have fun and experiment with different styles and colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a unique and stylish look that's perfect for summer. But also, wear jewelry that keep you cool during the summer heat. No one wants to have to itch when at a brunch or at a fun picnic. 

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