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Top jewelry and trends from Met Gala 2022

Met Gala 2022 has been less outlandish than most years, but some new jewelry styles have come out of it. Have you heard of the new nail art? It's a ring of sorts that you wear to cap you finger tips. Some statement necklaces, some dainty earrings and so much more. Here are out picks!

earrings blake lively met gala

We always love Blake Lively's jewelry styling. Here she is in gorgeous statement earrings by Atelier Versace. Very similar to Senshi's Angela

Dakota Johnson earrings cuffs jewelry

Dakota Johnson wore dangling ear cuffs. Senshi is coming up with a similar earring very soon. You will love it and enjoy wearing the earrings that make your eyes sparkle. 

Jewelry earrings nails rings necklace

The now very popular Ashley Park from Emily in Paris, wore some fabulous jewelry. Look at her earrings and her statement rings. Ashley is known to carry off anything she wears. And here she looks resplendent. 

Necklace jewelry nail art

We love her necklace. If you love it too, it's coming your way! An African influence yet very modern and shiny. Of course, don't miss her standout nail art. 

statement necklace jewelry pearl

Pearls are in! We have a surprise for you soon. For now we will enjoy Venessa's multilayer pearl necklace that makes her look classy without looking like she is from the 70s. She is on point with her jewelry. 

Nail art jewelry

The many faces of the wonderful nail art that has taken over this year's Met Gala. 

Neon nails art jewelry

Neon hasn't left the runway yet. Do you own a neon outfit? Would you like to try out some neon nails? And some neon jewelry? 

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