Earrings and necklines

What earrings to wear with what neckline

The usual issue we all face is to decide what earrings to wear with what neckline. We struggle if a high neck should have a small pair of earrings or long ones. How do we solve this conundrum? We have the answers for you. 


1. Deep neck

 Jacket dress Jacket dress and earrings

For a dress with a deep neck, it's ideal to wear long tassel earrings. It adds to the beauty of your jacket dress without taking away it's star value. If the jacket dress has a lot of patterns, a simple pair of tassel earrings help add value to the look and give you an overall style. 

2. Round Neck

Round neck dress  

Any round neck top or dress can handle a short dangler earring like a pair of heart earrings. A round neck covers a lot of your neck, and it's recommended not to wear earrings that are too long and comes closer to the neckline. It takes away the attention from the outfit. A short dangler will keep both your outfit and your face lit and give an overall look. 


3. High Neck

High neck dress High neck dress and earrings

High neck dresses can handle long earrings. Yes, they are really different from a round neck top or dress which shows more skin below your neck. A long dangler moves and attracts eyes to your ears and they give a twinkle to your eyes. 


4. Wide Neck

Broad neck dress

We all love a broad neck outfit, and one with a geometric shape like a square makes us look sexier than ever. It's advised to keep the earrings to a small dangler with a couple of pearls or stones. They make you look cute and make you look smarter than ever. 

Try our styling tips and let us know how it helped you.  




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