Your room is your atelier!

Your room is your atelier!

Your Room

You live in it, you dream in it, you even stalk actors and models on social media sitting in your very room. This is the best place to create your own looks, find your style and look your best. 

Surely you have a mirror in your room, have your decorated the area around it? This is the first and simplest tip to get you started. You could add some artificial flowers in the table in front of it, add lights around your mirror if that is your kind of thing. You can add photographs and inspiration quote around the mirror too. 

How does this help? 

Every time you walk by the mirror and look at it, you see yourself. The same old, tired, exhausted you, who is bored with the way they look. But if you look around the mirror and see the pretty little things around it, motivating you, making you smile, lightening up your day, you see a smart, confident and stylish person in your mirror. 

How do I start styling? 

There are two simple directions you can take:

1. Create your own style

2. Try out the styles of your favorite stars, models or actors

Creating you own style

Let's start with this. To step put of your comfort zone, you need to pull out all your clothes, click picks of it and store it on your phone or your laptop. This way, you have a wide range of options to start it. Would suggest you segregate the pictures according to categories - pants, tops, dress, belts, jewelry, colours etc. 

You then combine these pictures into collages where you feel they look good together and you are comfortable with trying out the new look. There is no rule here. This is your style. So you just mix and match however you enjoy it. 

Once you have decided and created the collages, add jewelry pieces, shoes and bags to it too. This way, you create entire looks without having to waste time each time you want to go out. 

You can even name these collages according to the event you would wear them to - date, coffee with a friend, brunch, wedding etc. 

The moment you feel you are getting bored, pull out you list of pictures and redo the exercise to see newer combos being formed. 

Trying out styles of stars and celebs

Here you need to begin with saving images of the outfit you like, and recreate it. This need not always be exactly the same. You can't always go buy a Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton every time Sonam Kapoor, or Kylie Jenner wear it. You need to figure out the colour combination and incorporate that into your look. If your favorite celeb wore offshoulder white top with blue ripped jeans, you need to find the same colour combo in your closet. If you do not have it, you might want to shop for it. Again, focus on the colour combos and not the exact cut or look. That way, you can still bring in your own style and the inspiration from your celeb.


Try this out and let us know how it went. We would really appreciate pictures from you. And the best style wins a free Senshi jewelry from us!  

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