About Senshi

Our Story

Senshi! is the brainchild of our founder, Gitanjali, who aims to bring you the world's best designs on a single platform.

Her interest in fashion was evident since her early childhood days when she would obsess over the trends that caught her eye instantly. Growing up into a corporate professional, Gitanjali's passion for unique designs, however, remained untouched, and here she is presenting you with the brand of her dreams. Gitanjali is also a strong feminist and stands up for women every chance she gets. She supports those who want to be themselves and encourages everyone to be confident in their own skin and style. With designs curated at Senshi!, she hopes to help you be unapologetically YOU.

Senshi! is where our edgy ideas come to life to adorn your allure with avant-garde fashion. Discover statement pieces that align with your confidence, charisma, style, and you. Find your wardrobe must-haves all under one roof.

Why Senshi?

With thousands of online jewelry and fashion stores and ton of varieties, there should be a reason for why you should purchase from Senshi.

It is our curated as well as handmade luxurious jewelry in accordance with time and trend that makes us different. Some pieces are edgy and some are similar to what you have seen before and you get to try both worlds! 

We work really hard to sell select and best piece of jewelry that is not only comfortable but also one that represents the needs of the consumer.