Jewelry and Mental health

Jewelry and Mental health

Once a week we have mood swings or we feel low and dull. No amount of coffee or chocolate can drag us out of it, and the summer heat isn't helping either. One of the simplest and loveliest ways to drift out of a slump are colours and jewelry. 

The astonishingly simple technique

Since it's summer, the pastel shades, bright ones like yellow, orange and red really tickle the mind and inject mood elevators. Picking some summer jewelry (5 summer jewelry to own) is a great idea and pairing it with some street fashion, which you don't have to struggle a lot by making tough decisions. 

Why do we become dull?

Let's examine why we become dull. A cocktail of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine make us feel elated and enjoy life. When any of them is lower than desired, the cloudy moods set in and we do not feel our best. We frequently seek assistance from coffee, alcohol, smoking and even greasy fast food. All these are temporary relief mechanisms but for a day long positive mindset we need to take it up a notch. 

Positive affirmations

A very commonly known, yet not practiced, method is positive affirmations. A long time ago, a very gorgeous woman told me about her little trick of staying positive and happy all the time. I thought it was drugs, but she said she would sit in front of the mirror and talk to herself and tell herself how wonderful she is and how lucky she is. She loved herself so much that she never shied away from facing the camera be it her own or those of others. She truly lives the Jab We Met line 'Main apni favorite hoon' - 'I am my favorite'.

Smiling at the sun

Yoga teaches sun salutations. The reason to be up in the morning and doing those asanas facing the sun is simply to absorb the vitamin D as well as be in the fresh air and lovely morning light. The light and air enters the dark zones of our minds and clears them up for the day. It allows for us to explore newer thoughts and set pause on negativity. A smile can take you a long way away from the darkness. 

Dressing up

Again, the same gorgeous woman once told me. Every time she felt sick, she would not coop up and snuggle in bed for days till she is better. She would pick herself up and wear something she loves, adorn her favorite jewelry and a light lipstick. Again, she would sit in front of the mirror and smile at herself. Yes, it sounds narcissistic, but it is true self love. The unblemished love that isn't tainted by the opinions or criticism of others. 


Jewelry dates 115,000 years ago. People worn similar outfits back them and walked around for various chores that was demanded by their lives. When the first jewelry was created, it brought happiness to the one wearing it and the one who saw it. It was meant to add colour, flavour and joy to your outfit and your life. Today, the choices are in millions and the joy you can acquire is infinite. From trinkets to cut diamonds, life can be filled with so much joy each time to open your jewelry box and wear your favorite pieces again. 

Each time your mood is low, come back here and read this blog. Share your mood and we can definitely lift each others moods and live life to the fullest. 

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